David Nguyen

Inspiration from all aspects of life, David successfully created several images of himself through auto racing to opening 32 wireless retail locations.  His passion for life encouraged business ventures to working for a large mortgage firm as a mortgage banker.

Although David continues to enrich his life and those around him, his first and true love is in the beauty around him.  To capture every moment of everyday life is his definition of beauty frozen in a single frame.  His ability to capture beauty around him has landed his several publications.  David has a keen eye for lighting and details that separates him from not only consumer photo enthusiasts but surpasses most professional beauty photographers.

David believes in capturing the art rather than all the technological and software modifications which is rampant in the industry.  He believes the art should speak for itself rather than the power of a software program.

From small beginnings, David's portfolio now expands to clients such as Martha Stewart, FHM Magazine, Harper's Bazaar Magazine, T-Mobile, and Dummies books on make up to name a few.  David's creative talents reach worldwide including international ad campaigns and magazine publications.

Established since July of 2007, David continues to expand his professional portfolio by appointment only.

Email: david@davidnstudio.com